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Eymoutiers is an historic town known originally for the tanning history. There are beautiful views all across the town to be found along with historic architectural buildings, iconic French towns and the “La Vienne” river.

Inside the town of Eymoutiers you will find restaurants, cafes, shops and markets available. There are parks and gardens for you to find tranquility too. Eymoutiers also offers fishing lakes, a lido and a cinema. There is also a station in the town which takes you on a 40 minute journey into the main city of Limoges, whilst stopping at some picturesque towns along the way.

The following photographs are taken by photographer Owen Young (IngreyCaptures).

Mont Gargan

Mont Gargan offers some of the most beautiful panoramic views across the Limousin landscape. It also has rich history to the location too, during the war it was famous for being a great look out point to spot the enemies.

Lac de Vassivière

Lac de Vassivière is a grande man made lake that has all sorts of events going on throughout the year. You can partake in activities such as swimming, sailing, hiking and mountain biking, you name it and you can do it. There are also several restaurants, beaches and boat trips here too for families too.


Limoges is the main city of the Limousin region. It has a rather imposing station, which is a sight to be seen as you look back over your shoulder after you have come off the train. In the city there are numerous gardens, old streets with shops and the Roman Catholic Cathédrale Saint-Étienne with gothic architecture.

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